~Praise from happy clients




After suffering from IBS and candida overgrowth for more than 10 years,
I was about ready to give up
and figured I would be doomed to live with these
symptoms for the rest of my life. Then I found Paige of Natural Health Answers and
decided to give her a call. I knew within 10 minutes of talking that I had come to
the right place. Paige is warm, open, and full of answers based on her own
experiences and those of her many clients. Through hair mineral and muscle
testing, appropriate supplements and food plans, and energy healing,
we were able to see results within 4 WEEKS!

After what felt like a lifetime of feeling miserable, this was the real deal and I had
never experienced results so quickly. Some of the things I’m experiencing are
less bloating and gas, improved elimination, no more mood swings, feeling
more stable and happy, sleeping really well, energy is much better, negative
thoughts have stopped and felt more open to love and mindfulness.

I have a long way to go on my journey towards healing, but I know I’m in excellent
hands with Paige, and have recommended her to many people who have similar
symptoms. Please, do yourself a favor, stop reading this review and give her a
call/email NOW! I promise, your gut will thank you. Thanks, Paige, for all that
you do and continue to do.

A. Munoz – McAllen, TX


I had suffered with Candida for over 3 years. I had rashes,
headaches, and my digestion was a mess. I was running to the
bathroom relentlessly after eating and it was really embarrassing and painful
because I was afraid to go anywhere for fear of having problems.  This went
on for a while and then I went to my Doctor because I was finally fed up.  Well
after running blood tests and a colonoscopy I still had no answers.  I was spiraling
into depression at this point.  So I started researching and thought I would try
some of the things that I had read on the internet about digestive issues and food.
  I went gluten-free and cut out sugar and after 4 weeks without much change, I was
really freaking out.  I kept looking for answers. One day I decided to search for a
practitioner that might be aware of how to help someone with my issues. I had
been doing a lot of reading on Candida and I had most of the symptoms that were

I came across Paige’s website and a light bulb went off. I so desperately
needed someone with an outside view of my situation to look objectively at my
situation and I really wanted to go the natural route since I had already been on
medications that only made things worse.

After I contacted Paige and she went over her programs and shared her story
with me I decided to go for it. I was ready.  I opted for her 60 day program as
I was all in. She came up with the plan that was just for me and had a whole
slew of recipes and meal plans plus all the supplements that I needed to kick
out the Candida and bring my gut back to a health.  She did muscle test me and
also used a pendulum and I thought it was a bit weird but I went with it.

The first 10 days were pretty rough and I didn’t feel that great but
Paige had warned me that could happen with the die off.  Then I started
noticing that I was running to the bathroom less, my skin didn’t feel as itchy
and my headaches were less too.
I really could not believe this. So with progress, I
kept going even though the diet was rough.  Paige told me that I was also to avoid dairy,
corn, gluten-free grains and soy as those foods were inflaming me and contributing to the
candida overgrowth. I wouldn’t have known this had I not gone to see her.  Each week I was
feeling better and better.

After the 60 days on the Candida program, I no longer have diarrhea and my
are completely gone. I still get a few minor headaches but those are quickly
going away. I know I still have some work to do and I’m okay with that at least now I know
that I can get better and better and finally go out and enjoy my life without fear of an “accident”.

I’m so glad I found Paige and would recommend her to anyone who is in need of help with
Candida or other digestive problems.

Wendy L. – Denver, CO


I began working with Paige in an effort to shift a lifetime of poor
eating habits and improve my health. Within four weeks of eating
nutrient-rich foods and taking supplements, 90% of my symptoms
were gone. I can honestly say that I’ve tried virtually every diet
program known to man, but nothing has ever stuck. I’m confident
that Paige has given me the tools to stay on track for life, so in
essence, she gave me the greatest gift of all – health. I highly
recommend Paige for anyone who is serious about shifting
their relationship with food and getting lasting results.

Jill Christensen – Denver, CO


Red flower with heart center







I was desperate. The pain in my thumb joints and my 
right elbow was getting overwhelming for me. At times
I’d be close to tears. During movies, I’d have my husband
hold my right thumb as the pain would be eased a little.
I’m a handy kind of gal and I couldn’t even use a hammer
anymore. At 61, I couldn’t imagine this getting worse with
age or getting on a standard regimen of drugs for the rest
of my life. I have an aversion to drugs as most all of them,
if not all, have harmful side effects. Even though I didn’t go
to a doctor, I had all the signs of arthritis.

I had met Paige through a mutual friend/massage therapist so
I decided to call her. I went to see her and the rest is history!
Paige identified foods that my body didn’t like and recommended
some healing herbs and supplements. I changed my diet and did
what she said to do. I thought that I was eating a relatively 
healthy diet and most people who saw how I ate would have
agreed. Well, I found out through Paige that my body didn’t
metabolize certain foods well even if they were healthy foods
for someone else.

After implementing the changes that Paige recommended I
started feeling better within weeks. One of the things that I
don’t eat anymore is sugar. Some people think I’m crazy though
I think it would be crazy to put something in my body that is
going to cause pain and deterioration. It’s not worth the pain!
I’ve crossed 1-½ years since I started with Paige. I don’t have
any pain and when I do have discomfort it is hardly noticeable
and goes away quickly. This typically only happens when I’ve
eaten out and had something that my body says “no” to. Last
summer I was successfully using a hammer drill for 27 holes in
my concrete. I was recently seen high up in my Maple tree
(tied on of course) sawing away at dead branches. Thank you, Paige!!!

Paige has amazing knowledge and experience, great resources
and tools and truly cares about those that she works with.
I highly recommend her for any health issue that you want to let go of!

Louisa Coons – Denver, CO


I thought the tight wrap of negative emotions were the fabric
of myself, who I was, who I would be. Then I met Paige and
began working with her, receiving healing through her keen
intuition and knowledge. ‘Born again’ isn’t adequate to describe
my new life because I am always aware of what was before and
appreciate so much the peace, freedom, and joy I now live each day!

Grace Sussman – Parker, CO


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Paige is the best!! I had felt my energy level diminishing,
suspected that my diet needed improvement, and had spent
a fortune on supplements, etc. so it had occurred to me that
I needed help from a professional nutritionist.

My doctor kept telling me that my blood work looked absolutely
perfect but in taking a much closer look at the same blood work,
Paige was able to advise me specifically on what was lacking in my
diet, including good fats and protein and to get me on the supplements
that immediately made a difference. In less than 3 months I once again
had my energy level back and now feel that my body is able to fight off
anything that comes my way.

The diet and supplements that I am on have been a lifestyle change
that I wish I had made when I was in my 20’s. In addition, my body has re-distributed
itself and those last 10 pounds have just fallen off. My advice to anyone is to spend
your money on a good nutritionist before you spend money on any vitamins or
supplements. If you don’t you could easily be throwing your money away!

S. Walth – Evergreen, CO


Dear Paige,
I just want to thank you for the improvements you have made
in my life. Your diet change and supplement recommendations
have greatly improved my quality of life!
My allergies are unbelievably better. Since I am allergic to
everything outside, previously when my husband would mow
the lawn, I would have to hide inside with the windows shut
or not be home. My reactions to this were severe including
very itchy, swelling, and not able to breathe. After only two
weeks I was able to mow the lawn myself with absolutely no
My food allergies are also much better. Even though at your
recommendation I haven’t tested too much yet, but I have
eaten out a few times and eaten things that were previously
a known problem with no reactions. My food allergies just
developed two years ago and cause severe reactions for me
including breathing problems and migraines. I have been
transported to the hospital via ambulance for these reactions.
It is wonderful to be able to go to a restaurant and order
whatever I want without having to ask about the ingredients
of every item!
Another improvement I have noticed is that my knee pain,
which I have had for years, has diminished greatly. It is rare
that it hurts anymore and when it does it is very minor and
bearable and continues to improve.
Additionally, I feel much better overall with increased energy!
I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to get tuned
up and improve their health and life! 
Karen Dennis – Golden, Colorado 

It’s been 6 weeks since I started on my program that Paige Rennekamp
designed just for me and everything is going great. My blood pressure is
starting to drop for the first time in years. My blood sugars are well into
the normal range. I will be checking in with my doctor soon to start
getting off of the two meds I’m on. Thank goodness! I have been
feeling great! My weight is still dropping and my energy level is
through the roof! Thank you for all your help.

Lori S. – Gunnison, CO

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Meeting Paige Rennekamp and working with her to establish
better nutrition goals has helped me a lot. She is totally open
to sharing her knowledge; her qualifications are impressive;
her sincerity and genuine desire to help people with customized
nutritional plans is outstanding.

Paige has the knowledge and willingness to understand and
supply solutions to each person’s unique health challenges.
And in my case, she has had the patience to clarify things for
someone who is so confused about all the conflicting information
in the diet/nutrition field that I needed all her extra skills in
working well with her clients!

And what I have found out about Nature’s Sunshine Products
– they’re great! None of that conflicting information on the label
either about how many tablets you have to take to get the
amount listed on the bottle. Refreshing….Thanks, Paige!

M. Loewe. – Denver, CO


I have had ulcerated colitis off and on for over thirty years.
When it would flare up I would miss work, quit eating and
have to take prednisone, the only medicine the doctor
prescribed that worked.

About two years ago, after another bout of colitis, I decided
to try alternatives. I had a friend who recommended Paige
Rennekamp to me.

These past two years I have seen a dramatic change by taking the
 Paige has given to me. The colitis is not as frequent
and when it does flair up there is almost no pain. In the past, I would
usually miss several days work and have lots of pain in my gut and my
legs. Now I am able to continue working and get the colitis under
control with diet, fiber and other recommendations that Paige has
made to me. I am very grateful to God that she is in my life.

P. Wright – Denver, CO


I truly enjoy working with and helping each and everyone of my clients. Thank you for the praise!